From The Philly Bike Expo 2014


Hi All,

The Philly Bike Expo was an amazing experience for us!  During two days we met lots of people who were very pleased with our bikes and had to say lots nice words..  We brought to Philly a Road Disk Di2 bike and a Single Speed Mountain bike: Troika Disc Di2Troika SS MTBThe two-day event included about 130 exhibitors, including frame builders, bicycle manufacturers, bike shops, components and tool companies, and cycling apparel companies.

We came to Philly on Friday to set up our table at the Philadelphia Convention Center and then headed to Engine Cycles’ open house to learn more about titanium bicycle fabrication and meet other frame builders.. There we met Drew Guldalian, owner of Engine Cycles; Rody Walter, owner of Groovy Cycleworks and Eric Estlund from Winter Bicycles.  Each of these guys has vast experience in the frame fabrication business and inspirational stories of what it takes to become a successful frame builder.  We finished our day in the nice Japanese restaurant in the Germantown.

Next day, Expo began at 10am and to our surprise people were already heading to the bike show.  The place was busy all day.  Later that day we had a surprise visit of the Troika owner. His custom build was finished and assembled just few hours before we headed to Philly from Boonton, NJ.  He came all the way from San Francisco and loved his bike!  Here is the photo of him checking out his Troika:

Ed and his Troika

Sunday morning we attended Gary Helfrich seminar on Theory and Practice of Titanium Frame Building.  I brought with me my 10-year-old son.  He was the youngest in the audience and did not get excited until the Russian Submarine picture came up on the screen.  The Sub was cut to pieces and sold to manufactures of titanium in China.  Gary is the founder of Merlin and is considered to be an inventor of the titanium bicycle frame.

Below are few photos from the Expo, including group picture of the frame builders and my portrait with Troika as well as photos of other bicycles exhibited at the Expo.  Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!



Assless, Hardass and Ultimate Tight Ass (UTA)

It was exciting to drive to Brooklyn last weekend and even more exciting to stop by Warsaw Concert Hall where the first annual Bike Cult Show in NYC took place.  It was thrilling to meet local bike builders as well as to see their work.  The venue was great and the bikes were amazing!

I have to mention about three bikes, Assless, Hardass and UTA (Ultimate Tight Ass) built by Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles that were at the show.  To learn more, watch Ezra’s story in this short film through the tale of his three bikes:

Below are few photos that I took while visiting Bike Cult Show.  Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Trails!


Hand-Made Bicycle Show in NYC

Bike CultBike Cult, hand-made bicycle show arrives to NYC.  I am  taking my family to see the Bike Cult Show during the Labor Day weekend.  Hopefully, it will be an annual event.  So, support the local bike builders by showing up at the event!  If you are in the area or have no plans for the Labor Day weekend, go out and meet some of the finest craftsmen in the world who make living building custom bikes out of the molten steel.  Even if you are not a bike enthusiast, as long as you appreciate art, beauty and craftsmanship, Bike Cult Show will be a good place to spend few hours.

The show will be held in Brooklyn at Williamsburg’s landmark Warsaw Concert Hall, Polish National Home.  About twenty bicycle builders will present their custom cycling machines fabricated using various materials and methods of constructions.

Save the date for the first annual Bike Cult Show in Brooklyn!  The show begins on Friday, August 30th at 2pm and continues through Saturday, with builders’ open house day on Sunday.  For more information visit

Enjoy the show!

– Vlad